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Yurii Pikul’s artworks

Jul 11, 2023 11 min read By: admin 0 Comment

With immense talent, Yuri Pikul is painting images stamped with photorealism. He mixes signs belonging to the Soviet era with scenes from modern life like a minibus driver of marchroutkas, the most popular means of transport during the old Soviet era that continues even today.  

Shoes. Oil on canvas. 45x35cm. 2004

A great admirer of Vincent Van Gogh, Yuri also paints landscapes, spending much  of his time in the open air, a practice that has become a daily ritual. He describes his experience as almost psychedelic which has recently evolved into an abstract form of painting.

Landscape. Acrylic on canvas. 150x120cm. 2017
Combinatory in the landscape #10. Acryl marker, pencil on paper. 86x61cm. 2018