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Pavel Rtue’s works

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Pavel Rtue’s statement in 2023 :

The constant process of exploring the environment and traveling through the urban jungle led my artistic essence to be reflected in frequent spelling my own name, and today is realized in the interpretation of accidentally found images, color spots, lines, which subsequently become an impulse to create new meanings in artistic practice.

I associate my interest in the objects of environment with childhood experience, when many random finds, which did not always have a meaning that was understandable to the child’s mind, were supplemented with legends and magical properties. I have lived most of my life by the sea and have often found curious objects washed ashore by the waves. It could be a fragment of automobile mechanism, bizarre light bulb, some pieces of granite tiles – in my hands all those debris got a new life.

It is natural for me to be in constant search. Each work is a kind of metaphorical image of a child’s pocket full of artifacts. Found things and elements still acquire sacred meaning for me. Some finds exist in work naturally, and some become obsolete at the very beginning of working with them.

The main medium of my artistic practice is painting. I create works that are characterized by bright colors, bold combination of abstraction and figurative art. One of the key features is a non-obvious, difficult-to-interpret image, consisting of many different elements. In some way this technique resembles the collage, which, however, is quite close to me.

Consciously departing from the acquired knowledge of academic drawing, I create a “wrong” composition, therefore I try to exclude my own ego from the process, allowing my work to develop spontaneously and independently.

My artistic exploration focuses on the combination of found object narrative with visual narrative and how they fit into new picto

Dolphin with tridents, untitled 2, oil, acrylic, spray cans, pastel on canvas, 100×100 cm, 2023