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Yurii Pikul

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Born in Kiev on 1 October 1983. Since the age of 15, Yurii Pikul has had a passion for photography and, at the age of 18, for painting. Trained in painting by attending courses and working closely with painters, he also taught himself theory. In 2005, he entered the National Academy of Fine Arts, but decided to leave after one semester.

Yuri Pikul is progressing on a very personal pathway. After having spent a few months at the Fine Art Academy, Yuri began to understand that only his own workshop, the influence of artists he admired and hard work would enable him to do what he really wanted to do: to paint, revealing  that even though painting is often considered a “still” art form, it is actually a dynamic form that can express total freedom

32-year old Yuri Pikul is one of the best representative of the young generation of Ukrainian artists. He lives in Kiev but has already an international audience with several exhibitions outside of Ukraine.

Since 2007, he has presented his artistic work in galleries, museums and art centres.

Member of the MMM group – Мастерсĸая Молодой Мазоĸ. (Young painters’ workshop).

Sélection d’expositions:

Solo exhibitions :

  • 2021 “Towards, Alienation”, Dymchuk Gallery, Kyiv
  • 2019 “Decorative Elements”, Dymchuk Gallery, Kiev
  • 2017 “92km. The limits of the landscape”, Dukat Gallery, Kiev
  • 2015 “The search for the equator”, Kyiv Institute of International Relations
  • 2013 “For the sad people of the earth”, Small Gallery, Arsenale, Kiev
  • 2012 “Invisible people”, Kiev
  • 2010 “Torn pearls”, галерея “Я Галерея”, Кiev
  • 2008 “Comme chez les gens”, Tsekh Gallery, Kiev
  • 2007 “The oat march”, Tsekh Gallery, Kiev

Collective exhibitions :

2022 Statement Ukraine «The cockerel with black wings: a recovered heirloom» (Vienna)
2022 Group exhibition “Diaries”, Dymchuk Gallery, Kiev
2022 Group exhibition “Unfolding landscapes” Silkeborg, Denmark
2021 Group exhibition at the Odessa Museum of Modern Art.
2019 “Reading the rubble”, Kmytov Museum of Soviet Art
2018 “From the limits of the new logic”. Closer Gallery, Kiev
2017-2018 “Suite Russe”, Stanislas Bourgain Gallery, Paris.
2017 “The mechanisms of evolution”. Institute of Contemporary Problems, Kiev
2017 “KNO 0/1” MALA gallery, Kive
2017 “Via line”, gallery “Unlimited Art Foundation
2017 “The birth of the tragedy of the spirit of music” group exhibition
as part of the “Kyiv Art Week” festival
2016 “Botany”, project curated by Tatiana Volokitine, Lavra Gallery, Kiev
2016 “Ukrainian Cubism” “COME IN” gallery, Kharkov
2015 “Uk/raine” Saatchi gallery, London
2014 “Premonition: Ukranian Art Now” Saatchi gallery, London
2013 “Vynils”, Karas Gallery, Kiev
2012 “Lift-Art”, as part of the “Pochul” project Kiev
2012 “Art Kiev”, Arsenale, Kiev
2011 “In the fields”, Institute Gallery, Kiev
2009 “Restart”, Оdessa Marine Terminal
2008 “Gogolfest” International Festival of Contemporary Art, L-Art Exhibition Gallery, Arsenale, Kiev

Residences :

  • «BIRUCHIY» Residency , Ukraine (every summer from 2013 to 2019)

Press :