Becoming association member

Mai 26, 2015 By: admin

It is possible for you, as a company or as an individual, to help the Port Tonic Art Center to set up projects, to participate in them in your own way. So you can help us financially and allocate this support to a particular project or artist. For example, you can use your help to organize the vernissage, to teach, to produce works or to pay artists. Under the 2003 law, you can deduct an amount equal to 60% of the donation from your taxes. Or for a donation of 100 euros, you receive a tax deduction of 60 euros. The actual amount disbursed is therefore 40 euros. ( But beyond this, the Port Tonic Art Center offers you the opportunity to share its values: an interest in artistic creation, listening to innovation and the contemporary creations of tomorrow, a commitment to the future and a real sense of sharing and collaboration.