Artiste 2016

Laurent BOSIO

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Laurent Bosio was trained in Fine Arts in 1981 in the Municipal School of Plastic Arts and the National School of Arts in Nice. From his early exhibitions, his work is part of the symbolic circles arenas (corrida, football, F1) where confronted power and strength of human, animal and mechanical.

His relationship with nature is affirmed through the mythical tree of the Mediterranean basin that is the olive tree and particularly the vision of its roots, then through the mythical tree of Japan, the bonsai.
The telluric forces, the cycle of origins (fertility – fertility), fascinate him.

Thus, the artist creates a world of imaginary creatures and discovery at the heart of these structures, these barks or distortion of a trunk primer. Since then, he continues to explore the dreamlike space where generous creatures reveal the duality of contemporary society : union of man and machine, frenzied mutation of life.

Laurent Bosio or the joy of painting, to handle color, pencil, charcoal, knead the dirt, twisting métal.