Artist in Residence 2016 Artiste 2016


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Born in 1988 in Santa Fe in Argentina, Alexis Minkiewicz is a well known artist for contemporary art lovers.

Its production consists of a broad range of drawings, sculptures and installations, characterized as much by their differences than their similarities. It is mainly driven by the exploration of the relationship between the bestiality of bodies, their environment and the ability of the body to adapt to it to survive. He uses modeling as a way to contain these forces, to rebuild these shapes and hang them in the moment.

According to him, in a work, the material is as important as the message, this is why he considers himself as an artist and a craftsman, working the material to control it while seeking his limit.

When developing projects in space in three dimensions, Alexis is studying the idea of a scene, taking figurative references beyond the sculpture : how these organisms use the space ? How the viewer’s body becomes a material that can be moved and touched ? These are the questions that escape from the imagination of Alexis and he transcribe it in his works.