Artist in Residence 2022

Giuseppe DE MATTIA

Jul 19, 2022 8 min read By: admin 0 Comment

Giuseppe De Mattia (Bari, 1980) is an artist who employs a dialogue of mediums to investigate the relationship between memory and contemporaneity. Photography, video, sound, drawing and painting can all be found and often blend within his work. As a keen observer of the contemporary artistic landscape, De Mattia’s work often touches upon structural issues tied to the economy of the arts, articulated through a dialogue between irony, satire and poignant critique. Alongside his personal practice, De Mattia collaborates with the collective Coclite/De Mattia and Casa a Mare (with Luca Coclite and Claudio Musso). He currently works with the Bologna film library and Home Movies – The national family film archive. He is represented by Matèria in Rome, Labs Contemporary Art in Bologna and OPR Gallery in Milan. He publishes his books with Corraini Editore, Danilo Montanari and Skinnerboox. In 2015 he launched ‘Libri Tasso’ an independent artist book self-publishing project and in 2020 he founded Marktstudio, a container of artistic projects inside a frame shop in Bologna. Giuseppe De Mattia currently lives and works between Bologna and Noha (Le).