Becoming sponsor

Mai 26, 2015 By: admin

From all ages and backgrounds, amateurs or collectors, French or international, the friends of the Port Tonic Art Center is an active community with a common interest in contemporary art. We invite you to become a member of this community and enjoy the unique benefits of this community:

Sending priority newsletters on upcoming activities of the center as well as on contemporary art news at the local and international level,
Privileged personal invitations for each vernissage and event taking place in the premises of the Port Tonic Art Center.

Of course, when making financial donations, you enjoy the advantage of reducing your taxes in accordance with Act No. 2003-709 of 1 August 2003 on patronage, associations and foundations, "Associations and foundations recognized as being of public utility, associations whose exclusive purpose is assistance, charity, scientific or medical research and any organisation receiving donations from natural or legal persons entitling donors to a tax advantage in respect of income tax or corporation tax must ensure, under conditions determined by decree in the Council of State, the publication by any means and certification of their annual accounts in excess of an amount of donations of EUR 153 000 per year. You can deduct 60% of the donation from your taxes."

But beyond this, Port Tonic Art Center offers you the opportunity to share its values: an interest in artistic creation, listening to the innovation and contemporary creations of tomorrow, a commitment to the future and a real sense of sharing and collaboration. By becoming friends with the Port Tonic Art Center, you accompany us and support the association in all its projects, openings and exhibitions.